08. Yes. Letting Go of Anxiety. Step Into Your Passion. (Guest: Bethany Beck)

As you see what others have to offer, you may feel tempted to put your hopes and dreams back in your pocket – and close the door to who you really are. Don't listen to those critical voices. Listen to what Jesus has to whisper to your heart. How do you stay inspired when you feel paralyzed by anxiety and afraid of the unknowns? If you have a passion you care so much about, you'll love this episode! 🙌🏻Soul Care Tips I talk about with guest Bethany Beck: * How to step over "Who am I?" discouragement and fear, so you can let go of what's safe and step out with who God's inspired you to be & do * Dealing with numbness, when your heart feels frozen, and not letting it stop you from coming alive in your passion * How to spark your heart to come back alive. Soul care tips to return to a bubble of innocence & inspiration * Inspiration Squelchers! Letting yourself be known and loved by God, instead of overrun by duty and hiding * How to stay inspired even when you feel anxiety, feelings of depressed or discouraged. * The importance of making space for your heart's emotions without feeling overwhelmed by hard things. * The scientific research on the powerful benefits on naming negative emotions, importance of making time for each other.
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