09. Confide. The Gift of Vulnerability (Guest: Tasha M Scott)

C.S. Lewis said, "To love is to be vulnerable.", but how do you create vulnerability and how do you create space in your schedule and in your relationships with friends and with God – so that you can not only love, but feel loved and be loved? So you can experience intimacy with God and in our relationships? 🙌🏻TOPICS on Soul Care I talk about with guest Tasha MacDonald Scott: * How to stop hiding by being a people-pleaser and find your true voice * The power of experiencing God's peace through raw conversations and being honest * Overcoming the stress of hiding & carrying worries on your own * What to do when you have an Identity crisis and how to find your voice again *How do you find healthy friendships and how do you know who is safe to confide in? * How to confide in God in an intimate way, so you feel close to Him. * How to heal from hurt when "friends" have left you or judged you when you needed it the most. * The scientific research on the powerful benefits of being vulnerable, taking a walk out in nature to lowers anxiety and depression + MORE This podcast is inspired by the encouragement and soul care in my bestselling book "Whispers of Rest". Get a copy and find your spark again!

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