10. Letting Go of Control (Guest: Jennifer Dukes Lee)

Do you ever say, "I'm fine," but your body says, "I'm stressed!"? We all want to feel our best, at peace, but do you find you're busy, gripped by stress? Give yourself permission to invest in your heart by letting go of what God never meant you to carry. Grab a cup of coffee as I chat with my friend Jennifer Dukes Lee, author of "It's All Under Control", about the importance of learning how to breathe again, in our heart and our schedules. TOIPCS I talk about with guest: Jennifer Dukes Lee: ✨ Getting off the battlefield of busy to feel your feelings & shed insecurities ✨ How to break overthinking about worries & be more present ✨ Letting go of what stresses you out & hanging onto what helps you shine ✨ Learn the freeing practice of: Do, Delegate, Dismiss to de-stress ✨What is the “Exhale of God” - and how it helps us to feel peace! 🌻Scientific Research on the calming effects of breathing, taking breaks, photography and sharing what stresses you. + more This podcast is inspired by the encouragement in my bestselling book "Whispers of Rest" and Jennifer Duke Lee's book "It's All Under Control". Get a copy and find your spark again!

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