06. Advent: Spark Joy & Free Your Heart to Do What Makes You Come Alive with God

Maya Angelou said, "A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer; it sings because it has a song." Do you find it hard to choose joy & make time to explore what makes you come alive? Today's Brew: Combat the inner critical voices & learn NEW ways to experience joy with Jesus! TOPICS include: – Why it’s not selfish to choose joy but radically holy to God – Combat feelings of guilt or fear of wasting time on what gives you joy – The Importance of Choosing the Little Things That Make You Come Alive Instead of Doing the Thousand Things You May Be Good at But Don’t Love – Giving Yourself Permission to Explore What Gives You Joy: The Power of Curiosity – Soul Care Tip: The Science behind the Joy of Conversation – Soul Care Tip: The power of Color & Art to Lift Your Mood & Spark Joy I also share a *very* personal story & update on what I learned this week as the beloved: 👊What God said to me, when I wondered why it does it seem like it’s so easier for everyone to have joy, except me? 💛📖Blossom with God's joy using my 40day devotional for your soul #WhispersofRest whispersofrest.com

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