04. Advent: Spark Hope & Sing Your Song Instead of Letting Stress Steal Your Spark (Guest Kristen Welch)

Billie Holiday said, "If I'm going to sing like someone else, then I don't need to sing at all." Mary broke into song after news of Jesus' birth too! How can you sing your song, instead of stress stealing your spark? **This special Advent Podcast** inspires your soul with bestselling author Kristen Welch(We Are That Family, "Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World"): 1) Slow Down & Break the Cycle of Busy to spark God's HOPE 2) Combat discouragement whenever you feel "It's too late!" 3) How to stay inspired, rather than let stress steal your spark 4) Learn the power of "the secret chocolate stash" and how to capture the moments that mean the most to your heart 5)Nurture gratitude in the heart of your child by nurturing your own heart from a place of honesty and vulnerability Plus, I share what I learned this week to live & build the life of the beloved! TOPICS INCLUDE: Letting grace rule your home more than rules or an agenda. Raising a grateful kids or leading an intentional home isn’t not a list do or don’ts or a checklist to do we have to complete. It’s through prayer asking for God for wisdom and guidance. Its’ grace. Learn the power of saying, “I’m sorry. This is hard for me too. Will you forgive me. Let’s figure this out together." Rather than doing the right thing, do the holy thing. Parenting from a place of honesty and vulnerability.

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